Archive for Month: September 2018

Painting & Varnish French Polishing

Give your old walls and furniture/fixtures a brand new look with professional painting, varnish and French polishing services of Skyline Roof ‘N’ Ceil. Our service crew is highly trained to cope with any challenges like blistering, chalking, efflorescence, sagging, rust discoloration, peeling paint and so on which may come up [...]

Safety Grills

Fabrication and using the right materials is paramount when it comes to installing safety grills for external windows and doors. You must bear in mind that not only safety is important, but also grills must stay intact for a long time. Make sure to choose the material that does not [...]

Tile / Marble / Granite Flooring

Tile, marble and granite flooring is deemed to be durable and sturdy. However, no building material lasts forever. At some point of time floor will be badly stained or cracked and you will be bound to remove your old flooring. When that time comes, you can lay the new flooring [...]

Doors / Window / Ventilators

A few problems like condensation, dampness, wet rot, dry rot, and woodworm can often be noticed in the doors, windows & ventilators of an aging home. You must not ignore the issues like these can result in several severe problems like decay in window, doors and ventilators frames, stained curtains [...]


If your home was built more than 30 years ago, chances are you home has outdated electrical wiring. The aging and outdated wiring will be likely to put your family at risk. It would be best if you consider replacing your old electrical wiring for the safety purpose. Even though [...]

Furniture & Fixtures

If you are planning to update, consolidate or buy new furniture & fixtures, SkylineRoof 'N' Ceil can help you find an array of options as per your taste, requirements, and budget. We use high-quality marine plywood, block board, laminates and hardware (hinges, handles, telescopic channels, locks, etc.) to fulfill your [...]

Cooking / Cutting Platform, Counters

Kitchen is the heart of every house and needs proper planning. Turn your old kitchen into a new age culinary paradise by appointing us as your kitchen renovation expert. We will plan and guide for you, at the same time your inputs are also highly valuable. The installation of cooking/cutting [...]

Sanitary Ware & Fittings

Remodeling is a good idea if you want to alter the entire look of your bathroom, but what if you want to repair and change one or two things? It makes sense to remodel the bathroom only when your entire details of the bathroom need replacement. Perhaps shower head or [...]

Plumbing Solution

Leaky pipes and faucets can leads to wastage of enormous water and money if left untreated. Whether it is clogged drain or broken shower head, no job is small. You can not afford to ignore any of these problems as it can waste your precious water and money alike. It [...]

Cement Plastering

The chipped and damaged wall is a common problem with an old house. If you have noticed something objectionable damage on your cement plastering, it is the right time to get it renovated. If left untreated, it may further deteriorate and bring unwanted havoc to your life. Let the experts [...]