A crack or hole in masonry may worsen if left untreated. Besides being an eyesore, the crack and hole may allow water, pests, vermin into your home and can lead to further damage. Depending on the severity of the issue, masonry damage can lead to disastrous results for you. You are likely to encounter problems such as leaking, loss of heat and foundation problems, making your house an unsafe place to live in.
If you notice any of the below-stated problems in your masonry, our expert contractor can help you with the best solution.

  • Bulging Brick or Bowed Brick
  • Vertical Cracks
  • Mortar Deterioration
  • Breaking at the Shelf Angle
  • Staining and Efflorescence

Inferior workmanship or the use of poor materials during the construction may cause damage to your bricks and concrete blocks.

Make sure to hire an expert like Skyline Roof ‘N’ Ceil who will inspect your bricks by measuring the width and length of the cracks, the diameter of the holes and then finally, make an in-depth analysis to take the further steps.

More often than not, our new brick masonry would be of 115mm/150mm or 230mm thick or as desired in cement mortar 1:4. We also ensure that proper racking of joints and curing of brickwork is done. With us, you will experience the best brick masonry work around as per civil engineering standards.