The chipped and damaged wall is a common problem with an old house. If you have noticed something objectionable damage on your cement plastering, it is the right time to get it renovated. If left untreated, it may further deteriorate and bring unwanted havoc to your life. Let the experts of Skyline Roof ‘N’ Ceil build durable, sturdy and smooth finished cement plastering for your home.

With around 34 years of experience in the field of house renovation, our professionals do follow strict Engineering practices during the process of cement plastering and always assure that the plastering is done in plumb and right angle wherever required.

Our work includes plastering the bricks on both sides in cm 1:4 with plasticizers and waterproofing compounds. You can either opt for Neeru finish or rough finish for gypsum top coat to get a smooth finish for painting. We believe curing for at least seven days is very important after cement plastering is done.

The next generation plasters that we use are more resilient to dampness and salt than its traditional counterparts. Besides, it can be applied to walls which are damp and can resist moisture and salt ingress.