Do you know monsoon season is the worse time of the year to get your house renovated? Thus, experts advocate to get dismantling and breaking job of a house to be done during summer or winter seasons as rain may damage the work if extra care is not taken.
Experts are well versed with the ins and outs of home renovation including dismantling and breaking services. They know the right strategy, time and methodology to be adopted to deliver the best results.
If you are planning to renovate, you can appoint an expert who has a sound knowledge of house structure and renovation service. The experts like Skyline Roof N Ceil can handle possible setbacks that tend to arise in the course of the services.

When you embark on the renovation of your house, one of the first challenges is how to dismantle your brick masonry, old plaster, floor tiles or remove door and window trim or any other woodwork. However, the hardship of dismantling and breaking of your house can be avoided by hiring the experts. They use highly advanced machinery and innovative technology while complying with the industry laid standards and safety norms.

Our Dismantling Services Entails:

  • Breaking of brick masonry, old plaster, tiling in bathroom walls, kitchen platform, and flooring
  • Removing the water closet, doors, grills, old furniture, old and leaky plumbing pipeline, bathroom fittings, drainage, sewage line, inspection chambers, and gully trap.

Save your precious time and money by appointing an expert of Skyling Roof ‘N’ Ceil as they can expedite the process with their expertise.