If your home was built more than 30 years ago, chances are you home has outdated electrical wiring. The aging and outdated wiring will be likely to put your family at risk. It would be best if you consider replacing your old electrical wiring for the safety purpose. Even though your appliances seem to be working without any detectable issues, old electrical wiring may be exposed, which warrant immediate inspection.
If you are unsure about the worthiness of the replacement of electric wiring, you can take the assistance of a good professional like Skyline Roof ‘N’ Ceil. The experts will make you aware about the cost, safety and other benefits of replacing electric wirings.

  • We install your electrical system based on your requirements. You will get customized solutions.
  • We follow the code to keep the property and family safe.
  • Our first task is to remove all the old damaged wiring while taking safety measures.
  • Finally, a new electrical system is installed as per the electrical layout by the architect or interior designer or client’s requirement.
  • We ensure that a proper earthing system is connected with the appropriate earth pit & ohms are checked with the ohms meter, and the megger tester is used in the entire process.