If you are planning to update, consolidate or buy new furniture & fixtures, SkylineRoof ‘N’ Ceil can help you find an array of options as per your taste, requirements, and budget. We use high-quality marine plywood, block board, laminates and hardware (hinges, handles, telescopic channels, locks, etc.) to fulfill your furniture & fixtures requirements.

If you need inspiration for design, our experts are readily available to serve you. The company has a reputation for excellence unparalleled in the industry. Our success is firmly rooted in the dedication of our team comprising of Viswakarma and Marwari carpenters since 20+ years.

Whether you need restoration or enhancement, Skyline Roof ‘N’ Ceil strive to provide unmatched result in the furniture industry. Leveraging proven technology and quality product materials, our skilled artisans can restore and enhance the beauty of your wooden furniture.