Give your old walls and furniture/fixtures a brand new look with professional painting, varnish and French polishing services of Skyline Roof ‘N’ Ceil. Our service crew is highly trained to cope with any challenges like blistering, chalking, efflorescence, sagging, rust discoloration, peeling paint and so on which may come up during the process.
They are well equipped with the methods to overcome these problems of the painting and varnish/ French polishing/melamine/polyurethane polishing and deliver the services accordingly.

  • We follow step-by-step process of painting to ensure a long-lasting effect on the walls and ceiling.
  • The service crew makes sure to clean the carpentry, plumbing and other debris before starting the painting job.
  • Firstly, sanding of walls are done with proper sand paper and then removing of all loose scales are done.
  • Once the 1st coat of cement primer is applied and dried, we apply putty/Lamby for all the surfaces to make it in line, level & sanding is done to make the surfaces smooth.
  • This process is followed for interior painting then the second coat of cement primer (water based or oil based) is applied on all surfaces.
  • Finally, we proceed to use the final coat of paint by roller or brush as per the finish and shade desired by the client/architect/interior designer.
  • Then a thorough cleaning of floors and furnitures is done to give the space a new look.

In the end, we not only see that the client is happy but delighted.

External Painting

Glazing and Painting works in progress

Painting Work Completed