Fabrication and using the right materials is paramount when it comes to installing safety grills for external windows and doors. You must bear in mind that not only safety is important, but also grills must stay intact for a long time. Make sure to choose the material that does not damage easily and is free of cracks, sharp edges, surface flaws, and rough texture. You can even consider steel or some other material which is not prone to rust.
Skyline Roof ‘N’ Ceil has the equipment and expertise you would expect from a seasoned window and door contractor. Our team ensures the safety and security of your home or office, no matter what!
We carry out fabrication of mild feel safety grills/ aluminum grills for external doors and windows as per the requirements of the clients or architect/interior designer’s drawings.
• We ensure that two coats of RLGP (Red Lead Graphite Primer)or zinc chromate primer is applied before painting, to make the grills look durable, rust-free and appealing than ever before.