Remodeling is a good idea if you want to alter the entire look of your bathroom, but what if you want to repair and change one or two things? It makes sense to remodel the bathroom only when your entire details of the bathroom need replacement. Perhaps shower head or faucet of your bathroom are faulty and old. People often tend to get confused about the steps to be taken in such a situation. This is where exactly the importance of a professional service appear. An expert of Skyline Roof ‘N’ Ceil could advise and guide in every aspect pertaining to remodeling and renovation of bathroom .

Faucets & Showerhead: Faucets and shower heads are replaced or repaired as per your taste and necessity.

Pipes and Connections: Pipes and connections have been checked and repaired if needed.

Toilet Repair and Installation: We deal with the key problems that come with a toilet like  recurrent clogs, multiple internal issues, and cosmetic or physical damage.

We do have experienced plumbers for internal and external drainage/ sewage line as the case may be. A plumbing layout is made before starting any work and is followed religiously.